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Compare Skate Rails (& other obstacles) carries more than just skate rails. We carry boxes, ledges, ramps, bumps, curb obstacles, and more. From adjustable rails to transforming obstacles you will be able to find something you need to take your skills to the next level.

Wanting to know which rails, boxes, ledges, bumps, ramps or more to buy? Check out this page for more information.

Adjustable Rails

We carry many rails that are adjustable in height and angle. You aren't just set with one rail size with these models. Many of them even collapse down in two so you can transport the skate rails wherever you need them. Fit them in small car or just skate them down the street to where you need it. If you are wanting a fixed rail we have those too. Changing the height of your rails is nice because as you learn more advanced techniques the rail will grow with you.

Check out this adjustable 8ft rail in our collection from OC Ramps. It adjusts from 12 to 17 inches in height and breaks down into two 4' sections for easy transport.

Transforming Obstacles

Transformer Rails brings us many modular obstacle designs that can be used for tons of different tricks and obstacle uses. Need a ramp, rail, box, or bump that changes angles, heights, and round or flat grind surface...look no further than transforming obstacles from Transformer Rails and Keen Ramps.

The largest transforming obstacle is the 6ft transforming launch pad from Transformer Rails and Keen Ramps. This launch pad allows you to change the pad height, angle, and more to configure it into hundreds of unique positions including ramp, box, steep bank, wallie, kicker, and more. This video helps highlight how you can use this unique obstacle.  


Skateboard boxes are awesome obstacles to do a large number of tricks on from manuals, to grinds, and more pick up a skate box from our site. We have boxes with round rails, flat rails, ramps, launches, banked bars, and more. We even have combo boxes that include a few different obstacles attached for added versatility. One of the most unique box options we carry is the brick look box from Keen Ramps. Check it out here. It provides a nice flush metal edge for smooth grinds all the way across. 

Flat vs. Round Rail

Do you like flat rails or round rails better? Want to be able to utilize both in one obstacle like the transforming rails obstacle? We carry both rail types if you like flat or round skate rails and even many are adjustable to different heights and angles. Check out the rail launch combo box if you want something that has both rail options in a solid fixed obstacle. 

Curb Accessories

So this one is probably not something you came to our site for but we love how versatile these obstacles are. Check out the curb covers from Keen Ramps that we have in stock. These are lightweight portable curb covers that fit over any curb ed surface and provide you a smooth solid grinding ledge. No more ripped up or broken concrete in your way when you use one of these obstacles. It also is a great way to grind on a curb without beating it up, your neighbors might appreciate that.

Whichever skateboard obstacle or rail you choose, we should have a good selection of them on our site. From street skating to vert skating, we love to provide value for skaters of all kinds. Check out our free US shipping on all obstacles and 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything. We also have 5% price match guarantee on all items. If you happen to see a better price anywhere else, let us know and we will beat it by 5%.